Origami Drawings II

From building Robots to Solar panels, Origami has been an inspiration in several practical applications. It has also been one of the biggest creative muses when it comes to my work. After using Origami models as part of my still life for a while, I am starting a new series of work that will incorporate scenarios and landscapes composed of paper and origami set in a narrative.
The narrative is how all of us see the world and how we connect with each other. We put together stories in our heads for situations in our lives. We try to fill in the blanks. And when we see a work of art for the first time, we often tend to look for a narrative trying to establish a connection.
My new series which will be called will expand on these lines in a trompe l’oiel style, where I intend to communicate with the viewer via visual clues – Origami models, color, design, symbolism, title etc. The story and the art itself will change depending on who is looking at it.