The most common questions or comments I get when displaying my work is "Is that Colored Pencil?" or  "Why Colored pencil?" etc. I would like to address them by sharing some simple but interesting facts about my most favorite medium.

Colored pencil has been a fine art medium for a very long time. It's being rediscovered now for its possibilities of achieving variety of finishes by incorporating various techniques. Throughout the years it's been steadily gaining popularity among collectors and galleries worldwide. Compared to several traditional art mediums its safe, clean and easily portable!

I chose colored pencils for their versatility and precision. The medium satisfies my craving for simple line drawings as well as fully saturated paintings with lots of detail. The process of building each piece stroke by stroke is very meditative! I always work with *lightfast professional grade colored pencils. These have a much higher wax and pigment concentration which produces rich and luminescent color. Colored Pencils can also be used on a variety of non-traditional surfaces like ceramics , wood and stone to name a few. To learn about the various possibilities of with wonderful medium check out my classes and workshops - click here.

My technique involves using Neocolor II ( water soluble wax crayon) as a base layer and adding several layers of colored pencils on top. I then blend them with a stiff bristle brush  and more recently, heat ( Icarus board ). My preferred choice of support is the Ampersand pastelbord, which is a textured hardboard surface that's very forgiving. I then spray my works with Varnish and UV spray and frame them without glass.

* the ability to resist fading in direct sunlight (UV)


I have made several blog posts over the years explaining my technique, here I have complied a few of them which demonstrates my work in steps, I will keep adding more so check back often!


A couple of video tutorials that demonstrates my technique.